Nonprofit Support

Nonprofit Support

Connecting For Good works to close the gap between available technology and the use of these resources by the Kansas City community, including other nonprofit organizations. Up-to-date computer hardware, affordable Internet access, knowledge of software applications, a useful website and social media savvy are all essential for charities operating in this digital era.

Providing digital resources to nonprofit organizations in the area allows us to expand our efforts and reach more of Kansas City. We use technology to help organizations connect with one another to create a better society and environment. 

To increase access for area residents, CFG has provided network and computer lab installation for over 40 area nonprofits and community centers. A prominent example is Pemberton Park, pictured to the right, a housing facility for low-income seniors taking care of their grandchildren, where we provided in-home internet access and supplied each unit with a computer.

Services for nonprofits

  • High quality refurbished computers, both laptops and desktops, at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. They have high-speed processors and large capacity hard drives 
  • Wireless internet service
  • In-house Wi-Fi, wired networks and outdoor hotspots. We enable nonprofits to spread connectivity in their buildings and to the community
  • Affordable on-site computer labs to provide services to those they serve
  • Consulting on IT projects and training for staff and clients
  • Computer maintenance and repair at an affordable rate

Discounted PCs for nonprofits

  • Desktops are complete systems with LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse starting at $100
  • Laptops are available starting at $100
  • All computers come with a registered copy of Windows 10 Professional
  • Microsoft Office can be added for $20 per computer

We offer these computers to nonprofit organizations in Kansas City and the surrounding area.  We will need your IRS determination letter for our files, payment in full is required at pick up, and unfortunately, we do not ship. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (816) 559-7077 or Contact Us today.