Life Skills

Life Skills

Basic Digital Literacy

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Basic Digital literacy skills have become a pre-requisite requirement for employment eligibility in today’s workforce. The growth and sustainability of CFG programs hinges on its ability to demonstrate that students gain jobs and job growth through our digital literacy skills training.  We offer an array of Basic Digital Literacy courses such as Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment, Microsoft Office, and Google to name a few.

Financial Management

Our Financial Management course offerings walk participants through the critical fundamentals of what it means to be financially healthy and independent in the 21st Century through face-to-face and online learning. Students navigate digital learning experiences at their own pace relevant to course content delivered, as well as the Money Smart KC website. Understanding the benefits of the vast resources available throughout Kansas City affords students the opportunity to thrive as financially independent citizens through application and mastery of a variety of “real life” digital learning experiences (i.e. managing finances, avoiding money scams, protecting credit, preparing taxes and creating a budget.)

Health and Wellness

We are not only passionate about ensuring our clients have digital access, but also that they have an understanding of the vast technological resources available to support healthy living. We offer health and wellness programming for seniors at our Juniper Gardens location, as well as personalized course offerings at partner sites throughout the community that promotes whole health.