Computer Skills Training

Computer Skills Training

Student Gabrielle

Connecting For Good offers an array of digital literacy courses at our KCMO campus and at several of our partner locations throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Our goal is to educate residents throughout the community about the benefits of broadband and how to use the internet to improve the quality of their lives. Each of our courses are customized to meet the individualized learning needs of our students regardless of age, proficiency level, native language and learning style.

Life Skills

Our Life Skills courses are tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of our students so they have the necessary resources available at their fingertips to deal effectively with the challenges in everyday life; whether at school, at work or in their personal lives. To read more about these courses, check out our Life Skills page.

Education Skills

We have positioned “digital inclusion” to go beyond technology and access to skills development that results in economic impact through college and career readiness training. To read more about these programs, see our Education Skills page.

Career Skills

Our programs are customized to meet the rapidly changing economy and most current job market demands.  We can customize our courses to meet the needs of our clients whether it’s an introductory course refresher in Microsoft Office or certification to be an IT specialist, Connecting For Good can help. For more information on this programming, read our Career Skills page.