3rd Annual State of Digital Inclusion Breakfast

DECEMBER 7, 2018

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“Talent is equally distributed throughout society, but opportunity is not.”  – Leila Janah

Before beginning our 3rd Annual State of Digital Inclusion Breakfast, it was noticeable how different each one of us was from the other.  Today, some of us wore suits, dresses, khakis, or blue jeans.  Some of us were a tad bit cold, while others of us found warmth in our hot coffee.  I discovered the universal truth that binds us all together is found in a warm biscuit.  All of our eyes glowed up when the breakfast provided by The Distrikt Biskuit House was ready to be served!

Connecting For Good CEO Tom Esselman led the breakfast, as we all sat ready to be inspired by the great work and progress that has been made throughout the past year.  Guest speakers Susan Wally with PREP-KC, and Sheri Gonzales-Warren with Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), highlighted the astounding growth they have achieved, as well as the future campaigns that they are currently planning.  Our AmeriCorps VISTAs detailed the events and strategies that were tirelessly employed in the past year to raise awareness to job opportunities and resources available in their community.

We are all different, but we are also the same because we all hold the same values and big picture.  The common goal between Connecting For Good, along with our partners and allies, is to uplift those who need to be uplifted.  This is the common thread that connects all of our missions as one.  Each year brings more ideas and more opportunities, and the response to our 3rd Annual State of Digital Inclusion Breakfast suggests that 2019 will be our best year yet!

Sometimes it is difficult to escape our own perspective, but what about your worn and broken computer’s perspective?  Please check out this enlightening and moving 3 minute video on the link below designed by our partners at Operation Breakthrough!


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