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JUNE 26, 2018

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Connecting For Good’s Juniper Gardens location in Kansas City, KS, had its first ConnectingKC Kids summer STEM program on Thurs., June 21. Amber Bryant, STEM Program Coordinator, placed ingredients such as: a bucket of ice, vanilla extract, chocolate syrup, sugar, salt, Ziplock bags and measuring cups. The activity for the day was to make ice cream–the perfect first day of summer snack! 

In addition to having the STEM program, Connecting For Good has also partnered with the Catholic Charities of Kansas City to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to those who are 18 years old and younger every day. Because of this partnership, we are able to help families and individuals worry about one less financial cost. 



All of the students were focused on the computer while patiently waiting for their turn to participate in the STEM program. 

Intent on finding where the grocery store is in the SCRATCH program.

Waiting to make ice cream.

The Juniper Gardens children take playing their SCRATCH games seriously!

Three students add ingredients into a Ziplock bag that will later be placed in ice to be shaken up. 

Angela Underwood, Chief Programs Officer, helps the second group of children learn about the science behind making ice cream.


Angela Underwood, Chief Programs Officer, lets each student have a turn pouring an ingredient into the Ziplock bag.

Kalvin Murphy, Volunteer Coordinator, reads the list of

ingredients and instructions to the students.

The second group of students had funlearning from Kalvin Murphy and enjoyedworking together with one another.


The first bite is the best bite, right?

Hard work pays off!

Every child had a smile on his or her face once the final product was dished into their bowls.



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