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FEBRUARY 26, 2018

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On Feb. 26, Kansas City Women in Technology visited our KCK Lab for a pilot session of CoderDojo KC, a monthly coding program for children. Mentors challenged the kids to add new sounds, change backgrounds and create characters on SCRATCH Project Editor, a program which gives easy set-by-step instructions on how to use tools to bring an imaginative idea to digital life. 

Director of CoderDojo KC, Eric Poe, said that putting a program together is like, “building Lego blocks,” the students can, “see other programs and how they were made from SCRATCH, and then build on it to make it their own.” Not only did they build off an already installed game or design, but they also listened and contributed ideas to one another. 

Ten-year-old Tutu created four games from the 9 AM to 1 PM session. Her favorite creation was, “Dress Up Lily,” which was a game exactly like the old-school paper dolls, who clothes could be folded over only a couple of times before one of the tabs ripped off. Luckily for Tutu, she could play digitally, allowing her to: change outfits, hair color, eye color, make the characters talk and add accessories like a scarf or a hat. At the end of the day, she presented Dress Up Lily to the mentors and class, which ended in high-fives and congratulations. 

All of the programs created were saved and shared, meaning they have access to their games whenever they have a computer and Internet connection. Digital imagination is, like Poe said, a building block–not just for a child’s creativity, but also their future. Connecting For Good is grateful to CoderDojo KC and Kansas City Women in Technology for believing in one of our core values: Education Equals Opportunity. 

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