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JULY 31, 2014

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Meet our Summer 2014 Interns!

We’d like to introduce our Summer 2014 Interns. This summer, we have several eager individuals working with us in computer refurbishing and assisting with teaching digital literacy courses. We are thrilled to have them working with us for a few months!


Brandon and Brianna at work in our PC refurbishing shop in Kansas City KS


Sylvia, Analysia and Brianna are interns through the American Indian Council

Our AIC interns are primarily working at our Kansas Center. Sylvia is a student at Alta Vista High School and  is involved with training and one-on-one mentoring, especially with older adults. It’s a great experience for her since she is planning to pursue a career in education. Analysia goes to Sumner Academy and has her sights on becoming an engineer one day. She appreciates the fact that she can use her love for technology to help others. Brianna is a student at Washington High School. For her, working in the refurbishing shop has been a great experience. She hopes this will give her skills that can be used in a career in the military after she graduates.

deijah2Deijah became involved with a summer internship through the Kauffman Startup Scholars program. She is a graduate of the Southwest Early College Campus and is studying Psychology at Penn Valley Community College. Because she has always been interested in computers, Deijah thought she could learn a lot by working with Connecting for Good.  And she did. In our Kansas City MO PC refurbishing workshop, she learned how to transform donated used PCs into high quality low cost computers that go to under resourced people.  This involves checking out all the components, completely wiping the hard drives and installing new operating systems and other software. Deijah says, “I learned a lot more than I expected – and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Karita was a great teacher and supervisor.” As for any lasting life lessons, Deijah says she was reminded that nothing is so broken that it can’t be fixed and made useful somehow.  An interesting observation for a future psychologist.

Why Intern with Connecting for Good?

brandon2Brandon is on his way to his sophomore year in Electrical Engineering at Kansas State University and came to us through the Kauffman Startup Scholars program.  Technology is his passion so working at Connecting for Good seemed like a good fit. Until he came to work in our newest PC refurbishing workshop at our lab in KCK, Brandon had never taken apart a computer.  For him it’s been a great learning experience and one that will surely help him in his college studies and career. Brandon says there have been many meaningful experiences during his internship. He mentions one in particular; having the opportunity to get  tasks assigned to him and then being entrusted with executing them from beginning to end. Preheim

Instead of going directly into the workforce after graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Bethel College, Ben decided to do a year of community service with Mennonite Voluntary Services. Though he studied programming, he had never spent much time working on computer hardware.  He is excited about all that he learned while working in our PC refurbishing operations. He has also been involved in everything from teaching classes to installing Wi-Fi networks and computer labs.  “Never a dull moment around here” he says. Besides the tech skills he learned over the past year, he feels much more prepared to enter the workplace thanks to the many great experiences he’s had. He is especially happy to have learned a lot more about the nonprofit world and appreciates the opportunity to use his knowledge to help people.

Written by Tom Esselman

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