Staff Changes Reflect Growth

OCTOBER 21, 2013


Clint WynnClint Wynn began serving as Director of Community Outreach for Connecting for Good in October 2013.  He oversees all of the training programs of the organization, manages relationships with neighborhood groups, and coordinates volunteer activities. He is also involved with efforts related to the building and maintenance of wireless networks.

He is a graduate of Sumner Academy in Kansas City, KS and has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design with a concentration in Architecture from the University of Kansas. While in college, Clint was the Apple Campus Representative for KU and showcased Apple products to professors and administrators on campus.  He also produced the 2nd iMovie Film Fest.

After he graduated, Clint worked as the first assistant store manager at the Apple Store on the Plaza. He developed content for the Concert Companion, a high tech approach to livening up the classical concert going experience.   Clint also designed The Comfortable™, a laptop cooling pad that uses nanotechnology to dissipate heat in 2003.

Helping others is a core commitment and technology is a never ending passion for Clint. He has consulted with many start-ups, non-profits and private enterprise on IT strategy and support in the Kansas City area.

karita4Karita Matlock works as a computer technician in our PC refurbishing operations and is involved as a trainer in our digital literacy activities. She originally came to Connecting For Good as an intern and became an employee in October 2013.

Karita has been in the technical support field for nearly 15 years, supporting various industries on the software side. She has successfully trained teams and individuals on process improvements, and company policies.  She is currently attending Johnson County Community College and expected to graduate in May 2014 with her technical degree in Electronics Technology. The skills she has gained in working with computer hardware at Connecting for Good have helped her to achieve her goal of becoming an electronics technician



Ben Preheim is with Connecting for Good to complete a one-year internship through Mennonite Voluntary Services.  Most of his time is spent in our workshop where he works to transform donated PCs into high quality refurbished computers.  This involves checking out all the components, completely wiping the hard drives and installing new operating systems and other software.   He has also begun to take on some training responsibilities with our Digital Life Skills classes and has worked to set up public computer centers and wireless networking.Ben recently completed his studies at Bethany College in Newton, KS where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Natural Sciences with an emphasis on Computer Science. His studies included courses in Computer Programming, Computer Systems, Operating Systems and Database Management Systems.

Written by Tom Esselman

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