Juniper Gardens Free Wi-Fi Project Update

MARCH 22, 2013

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We announced earlier this month that we have partnered with the Kansas City Kansas Housing Authority to bring free in-home Wi-Fi to all 390 units at their Juniper Gardens low income housing project. Along with bringing free Internet to nearly 1,000 people that live there, we are also offering inexpensive refurbished laptops and digital life skills training.

In order to receive the equipment donation from One Economy Corporation, we had to agree to make sure the network was operational by March 31. So, in order to meet the deadline have begun installing the Wi-Fi radios as we continue to raise the funds to complete the project. A film crew from KCTV5 had a chance to visit with our staff members as they were working at Juniper Gardens.

We are excited to have received some funding toward the project in the last few days, including a $1,000 donation from Arvest BankHere is what we have left to raise:

Project Budget  
75 Wi-Fi transmitters ($200 ea.) $15,000
Install 70 Wi-Fi transmitters ($120 ea.) $8,400
70 high gain antennas (97.50 ea.) $6,825
12 months of Internet service $7,800
Miscellaneous materials $1,600
Total $39,625
Grants and cash gifts -$26,100
Total left to raise $13,525





When completed, the Juniper Gardens Wi-Fi network will cover nearly four city blocks and reach into 40 buildings, bringing free in-home Internet to 1,000 residents.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Make a donation to this project on


Written by Tom Esselman

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