KCTV5 Report on the Digital Divide (video)

FEBRUARY 24, 2013



In recent special report, “Bridging the digital divide” on on Kansas City’s KCTV5, reporter Sandra Olivas highlighted how much trouble Kansas City, KS high school students have finding Internet access in order to use their high school-issued laptops.

They’ve had to be very creative to do their homework online because so many have no in home connectivity. This is a real problem that we are working to address at Connecting for Good. Our solution is to bring free in home Internet to low income housing properties using Wi-Fi technology.

An excerpt:

According to the Kansas Corporation Commission, only 63 percent of families in the Sunflower State, or 1.2 million households, have internet access. It’s been six years since all 5,000 high school students in the KCK School District were assigned free laptops.

The only stumbling block discovered in a district-wide survey revealed that 40 percent of students don’t have internet at home. The question then being asked is where students turn to get connected.

Written by Tom Esselman

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