Digital Literacy Classes at Local Libraries

FEBRUARY 12, 2013


As Google Fiber begins installations of its superfast 1 GB network in Kansas City, Missouri, Connecting for Good has launched an initiative to conduct classes at various Kansas City Public Library branches.  The two-session digital life skills classes will focus on basic help for using the Internet productively. They will include a demonstration of the Google Fiber sign up process. Plus, everyone who completes the sessions will receive a voucher for $50.00 off the price of an Internet-ready refurbished PC.

We want to make sure that every family in our area has the opportunity to be a part of the fiber revolution. We are especially focusing on under resourced neighborhoods East of Troost Avenue.  For those in lower income brackets, we are promoting Google Fiber’s $300/7 years of 5 Mb Internet connectivity plan. Those who participate can make 12 monthly payments of $25 in the first year and receive the next six years free of charge.

It’s a tremendous opportunity to close the Digital Divide in this city and we don’t want anyone to miss out.  Once the first wave of signups is complete, Google has said they may not return to those areas to run their fiber again for 2 to 3 years.

Along with a lack of an affordable Internet connection and a lack of skills to use the Internet, people often don’t get onlne because they lack a computer and the resources they need to obtain one.  Our voucher program will give participants in these training opportunities a chance to pick up inexpensive refurbished PCs from Connecting for Good headquarters at 1624 Westport Road.  Normally $149.00, the vouchers will enable participants in the sessions to purchase them for $99.00   For lower income participants, an additional discount will be offered, allowing them to purchase the computers for $49.00.

Classes are being scheduled at the various branches as the fiber installation schedule is released.  We are actively soliciting volunteers to help in the sessions, donations of used computers to use in this effort and financial support.

Learn more about our Digital Life Skills Program.  If you would like more information about these efforts, call (816) 559-7077 or use our contact form.

Written by Tom Esselman

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