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NOVEMBER 15, 2012



If you are a regular Internet user, you probably connect several times a day.  You check your e-mail, catch up with Facebook friends and find out what’s happening in the world using your favorite electronic news source.

You probably check the weather online before you go out for the day.  Maybe you have a job you applied for using your PC, found an apartment on Craig’s List or even earned a college degree online. Additionally, you’ve made travel arrangements online and may have done a significant amount of your shopping on sites like

Imagine what your life would be like if you could not access the Internet because you did not have enough money to pay for your monthly service or lacked the resources to have a computer.

That’s how it is for thousands of Kansas City families.  Though their lives could be greatly improved with Internet access, many simply don’t have the resource to be connected.  Earlier this fall, many of us worked to get people in lower income “fiberhoods” preregistered to be connected to Google’s ultrahigh speed 1 Gb fiber.  One of the most common reasons for not signing up was that many simply could not afford a computer.

Connecting for Good has a number of on-going projects that are bringing connectivity to hundreds of Kansas City lower income households;among them are our mobile computer lab and our initiative to bring free Wi-Fi to public housing and our new pay-as-go wireless data plan.  In order to see these efforts impact those in need, we need hundreds of used computers.  With your help, we can see many lives changed simply because they will be able to connect to all the resources available through the Internet.

Won’t you help?  This is a great time to give us your unused PC equipment and take a nice year end tax deduction at the same time.

If you are interested, please use our PC Donation Form.  Thanks so much!


Written by Tom Esselman

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