Video: Building the Gigabit City Results

NOVEMBER 16, 2011


Nov 22, 2011 – Since the announcement that Google Fiber would be overtaking Kansas City homes, the metro thought community has been struggling with how to make the most of this almost inconceivable speed. In early October of 2011, The Social Media Club of Kansas City and Brianzooming have joined forces with a host of other local sponsors and advocates to begin the discussion on how Google’s new high speed fiber optics would best benefit the community.

Education – Medical – Social – Urban – are some of hundreds of ideas that came out of this unique one day event that has sparked the conversation for making the most of this amazing technology. Adcuda was fortunate enough to not only be asked to participate in this unique event but was also asked to document the day using video and audio. What we came back with was an energetic testament to the days events and the many questions that it afforded us.

Download the free Brainzooming Gigabit City Report.

See more videos of this event at SMCKC’s YouTube Channel.

Video by Adcuda (Chris Luckey) of the Building the Gigabit Bit City: Brainzooming a Google Fiber Roadmap event sponsored by Social Media Club of Kansas City and The Brainzooming Group.

Written by Tom Esselman

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